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 I want you to enjoy ballet forever.


 At Studio Marty Ballet School, we have introduced various systems that allow children to enjoy and love ballet for a long time. Sometimes children want to do their best in ballet, and sometimes they want to do their best in their studies and other things. We have various experiences in our daily lives, and what we want to do will change from time to time, but we will cherish the feeling of "I love ballet" in children, and we will continue to enjoy ballet in a way that each and every one of us can continue to enjoy it for a long time. I have a desire to be rich.


① "Enrollment fee is free"

 The admission fee for joining a regular ballet class is free at Studio Marty Ballet School. There is an image that ballet has a high threshold, but I want more children to experience ballet, and I want the moment they first touch ballet to be casual.


 ② "Sister/Brother/Parent-Child Discount"

 A life of enjoying ballet as a family, having common hobbies, and enjoying hobbies from the same point of view. To support such a life, there is a profitable system. At Studio Marty Ballet School, you can get a ¥1,000 discount on the monthly tuition from the second person onwards if you are a sister or brother. In addition, there is a parent-child discount system that can only be done by the Studio Marty Group, which also operates ballet classes for adults, and the monthly fee for children is also discounted by ¥ 1,000.


 ③ "Flexible leave system"

 "I don't want you to be the only choice to continue or quit ballet." In order to continue ballet, we have introduced a flexible recess system. It is difficult to continue ballet for a short period of time, such as when you want to concentrate on taking entrance exams for kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school and ballet at the same time, or when you are a foreign national or a long-term hometown visitor. There are cases, but in that case, you can use the recess system and continue ballet for a long time.


 ④ “Implementation of regular counseling”

 We have time to share the children's trivial worries and parents' thoughts with the instructor. There is also a side of the children that the instructor knows, and there are many things that can be said from the perspective of the instructor who is looking at that side. This is an important opportunity for children to find new directions.