Stage appearance


発表会、バリエーション大会 ガラコンサートへの出演、コンクール出場、地域のイベントやお祭りへの出場機会等、多数あります。

反復練習、繰り返し、集中 などは、バレエやダンスの特徴ですね。


There are many presentations, variation competitions, appearances at gala concerts, participation in competitions, opportunities to participate in local events and festivals, etc.

Having a place to give presentations leads to the goals of children's daily lessons,
Mothers and fathers will also be impressed by the appearance of children in costumes and makeup on the stage.

At Studio Marty, daily lessons are connected to the stage, I want children to experience the fun and excitement of standing on the stage.

There is a lot to learn from practice and preparation for the stage.
There are learnings unique to ballet in the cultural arts, such as the ability to focus on repetitive practice and review, the ability to express what you have learned with the body, the ability to know and express stories, teamwork and cooperation.

Expressing the thoughts you have learned with your body also leads to head development.
Repetitive practice, repetition, and concentration are the characteristics of ballet and dance.

A presentation where you can dance with your friends, a variation competition where you can challenge yourself to dance, If you want to test your level, go to the national competition!
There are various growth opportunities according to the goals and maturity of each student.