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At Marty Ballet School, there are many opportunities to stand on stage, such as presentations, variation competitions, appearances at ballet gala concerts, competitions, and appearances at local events and festivals.

Having a place to present is also connected to the goals of the children's daily lessons.

Parents and guardians will be impressed by the sight of children wearing costumes and makeup and standing on stage.


At Marty Ballet School, we would like children to experience the "enjoyment and excitement of standing on stage" of ballet, which is a performing art.


There is a lot to learn during the practice period for the stage.

They memorize the choreography with a high degree of concentration, dance the choreography they have learned to music, and express the theme and story of the dance with their bodies. In addition, on the stage created with friends, teamwork and cooperativeness are cultivated, and the body, mind, and brain grow greatly.


In the actual performance, all the hard work that has been done so far will come to fruition, and you will experience the joy and sense of accomplishment on stage. Then you can see the next task and goal, and a cycle of working hard every day is born.


① The best main! School presentation

The presentation of each school is held once a year to a year and a half. In addition, there are years when joint presentations are held in each area beyond school boundaries.

When it comes to the image of a ballet recital, we often have a negative image, such as "It looks expensive..." and "It looks like it's going to be a lot of work for parents to help out on the day of the performance." At Marty Ballet School, in order to dispel such an image, we have reduced the burden of costs and parental support as much as possible for the scale of the event. Teachers and staff are responsible for everything they can do.

Parents who are new to ballet recitals can rest assured that there is plenty of support outside of the lessons, such as prior parent briefings, makeup workshops, and sharing of repetitive practice videos of choreography before the day of the recital. please.


We have invited first-class guest dancers to add glamor to the recital. It is important to let people know about "real ballet".

[Previous guest dancers]

・ Kosuke Okumura (New National Theater Ballet / Principal)

・Daisuke Takeuchi (Former Pittsburgh Ballet Theater/Principal)

・ Erika Maehara (Tani Momoko Ballet / soloist)

・ Naoki Makimura (Tani Momoko Ballet / First Soloist)

In addition, many first-class dancers appear


②Regular holding of ballet gala concerts

General participatory stage "Ballet Gala Concert" sponsored by our company

School students can also participate in this performance, and it is possible to perform from individual variation performances to small works that everyone dances to, contemporary and other genres. Each school may perform together, and if you want to practice before the competition or perform on stage personally, please consult with the instructor.


③Regional events

Our students also perform at town festivals and community events. "I want many people to know the goodness of ballet! ] From such a wish, I actively appear in local events that are often seen by the general public. Unlike a full-fledged dance recital, the children are able to feel the audience's warm reaction while performing because the distance from the audience is close.

[Past event]

Mita Noryo Festival


④Competition participation

Details are on the competition entry page.


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