Guidance that understands age and individuality




















 Children are all different, with different sensitivities and personalities. At Studio Marty Ballet School, we nurture children by valuing each person's sensibility and individuality.


 ① Attendance system according to level and goals 

 "Start with once a week", "increase to twice a week", "do your best to wear pointe shoes"...

 From once a week to all-you-can-take, you can choose the number of times according to the pace you want to attend.

 In addition to regular lessons, there are classes that children can choose to take, such as pointe classes, variation classes, competition classes, private lessons, etc., according to the challenges and tasks of children.

 There is also a studio rental system for self-study, and it is also possible to use it for practice before competitions and public performances.


 ② A teaching method that understands growth stages and individuality

 Even in the same class, there is sometimes an age difference of 3 years. Three years is a big difference for young children, and even children of the same age grow at different speeds. We understand the growth stages and individuality of each child, develop their strengths, and provide guidance to grow into children who can express themselves with confidence through cultural and artistic experiences.


 ③ Vertically divided class

 Classes are divided about every three years, so younger children learn by watching their older brothers and sisters.

 Seniors serve as role models for younger students, give advice, and develop classes while maintaining vertical connections.

 Not only teaching from the instructor, but also advice from friends who work hard together can be received in a different way and lead to stimulation.